Behaviour Problems

Behaviour Problems

Why Do Dogs Chase Their Tails?

Dogs, like wolves, have inherited an instinct to chase anything that moves, it could be due to their curiosity all the way to boredom or even a medical issue

Why Do Dogs Howl?

Remember a dog’s tail serves as a signalling tool for dog body language, they have a built-in instinct to wag their tails when they are feeling happy or…

Causes of Fear in Dogs

Fear in dogs is a natural response to a perceived or real threat. Dogs tend to avoid things that scare them and often will protect themselves from danger.

Why Do Dogs Eat Faeces?

No one likes witnessing the sight of their dog picking up whatever they find on the ground and eating it but what if that “whatever” just so happened to faeces?

Why Do Dogs Whine?

Some common underlying medical causes for excessive whining include arthritis, dental pain, or obesity which may cause back pain and difficulty breathing.

Why Do Dogs Tilt Their Heads?

Tilting their heads is not a sign that your dog does not like you but rather dogs understanding learn how to deal with the situation instead.

Top 10 Basic Dog Training Commands

Understand the meaning for these ten basic dog training commands for you and your dog. Don’t make the mistake of using every command in every situation.

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