Behaviour Problems

Behaviour Problems

Why Do Dogs Fight?

Dogs fight over multiple reasons, it’s really no different from humans, it can be whether it’s for social rank, food, territory or pride.

Why Do Dogs Sleep So Much

Is your dog sleeping enough? Puppies sleep between 17 to 20 hours per day while adult dogs sleep between 12 to 14 hours everyday.

Why Do Dogs Lick Their Lips

Have you notice that your dog lick his or her lips before? Is it frequent or once a blue moon behaviour? Understand why dogs lick their lips today.

Why Do Dogs Bare Their Teeth

Do you know why your dog bare their teeth in certain situations? Are they happy or are they mad? Do they need medical attention or training?

10 Common Dog Behaviour Problems

Why do our dogs do what they do? Understand the common dog behaviour problems and having a solid training plan to prevent it becoming an issue.

Labrador Ret Barking

Why Does My Dog Bark?

Ever wondered why your dog is barking? Sometimes, it is an attempt to communicate while other times it is a dog’s way to express their feelings.

Social aggression Dogs

Social Aggression Behaviour in Dogs

Social aggression can be defined as an aggression that stems from fear or frustration often manifest when interacting with unfamiliar people or animals

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