Positive Reinforcement Training

Positive reinforcement training is one of the most powerful methods to change a dog’s behaviour through the uses a reward such as treats and praise.

Top 10 Basic Dog Training Commands

Understand the meaning for these ten basic dog training commands for you and your dog. Don’t make the mistake of using every command in every situation.

Why Do Dogs Bare Their Teeth

Do you know why your dog bare their teeth in certain situations? Are they happy or are they mad? Do they need medical attention or training?

Labrador Ret Barking

Why Does My Dog Bark?

Ever wondered why your dog is barking? Sometimes, it is an attempt to communicate while other times it is a dog’s way to express their feelings.

Dog and Dog Treats

Understanding Dog Treats 101

What does dog treats really mean? What is High, Medium and Low Value Dog Treats? High value treats rewarded for A+ behaviour and training

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