Medical Issues

Medical Issues

Signs Your Dog is Stressed

Are you looking for signs your dog is stressed? It can be as common as constant growling, whining & barking or even just biting…

Do Dogs Get Depressed?

Depression is a kind of mental illness that is prevalent in humans, Dogs too experience feelings of loneliness, which can lead to a state of depression.

Understanding Tick Paralysis in Pets

The paralysis tick or scientifically known as Ixodes Holocyclusis is the one of the most dangerous ticks in Australia that poses a real threat to your pets.

Understanding Dog Anxiety

Dog anxiety is a serious disorder and it can be treated with dog anxiety pills, behaviour modification techniques and/or professional training.

Separation Anxiety in Dog

Dogs, like us, are social beings. On the surface, a dog suffering from separation anxiety seems like he needs constant attention. But in reality…

Dog Upset Stomach

Dog Food for Upset Stomach

Do you know what to do when your dog has an upset stomach? Help your dog recover by feeding him these following vet approved food

Sick tabby kitten

Signs of Cat Medical Emergency

It can be hard to tell the difference nothing serious and a medical emergency. When should you worry? Should you go emergency vet? Is it serious?

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