Puppy Checklist 2021

Puppy Checklist 2021

Are you prepared to raise a puppy?

Find our Puppy Checklist Updated for 2021.

This checklist is generalized and can be used for all breeds.

Just like before you go purchase anything, you would do some research, especially on what brand comparing & price comparing right.

How about going back to school? I remember in Primary School; the school usually send the parents a checklist of a sort to ensure the students are ready on day 1 to go; at least that was a very common practice in Australia.

Adopting/purchasing a puppy or dog is no different at all. Before you bring it home, you should at least be prepared with some essential supplies.


A Collar and Microchip

Your puppy going be part of your family, you may want to flaunt it. Some states may be required by law to have your dog microchipped.

Chew Toys or Chew Treats and Treats

As this is more applicable when adapting a puppy, but it may happen in adult dogs too. All puppies go through a teething period. Where they just love to nip, snap and play-bite everything. You would be best prepared to have chew toys or chew treats ready at hand. Read our guide on struggling with biting puppies. Remember, treats are fundamental in a dog’s life, just like everything in this checklist, everything is needed.

Feeding Bowl

Unless you enjoy sharing from the same bowls as your dog, it would be well advised to have separate feeding bowls; One for food and one for water.

Shampoo and conditioner

Dogs get dirty too, they may not need to shower everyday like us as it does more damage than harm, but the curious nature of a dog to explore, dig and play will never cease.

A toothbrush and toothpaste or Dental Treats

Did you know, dental health is one of the most neglected and important hygiene issue in dogs. It may not be easy brushing a dog’s teeth as some will squirm and fight back. There are alternatives such as Dental Treats that solves the problem for you.

Brushes, Combs & Nail clippers

While still on dog’s hygiene, some dogs shred, while other needs to be groomed. However, all dogs will need their nail clipped. It is best to have a great chemistry between you, your dog and the nail clippers from young. This will save you a lot of hassle later. For example, My Shepsky Ellie had no issues with nail clippers as we started when she was young. While my Maltese runs and yelps when she sees nail clippers in anyone’s hand.

Vaccine, Flea, Tick and Worming Treatment

It is best to contact your local vet and have sessions booked for vaccines booked for your new puppy if they have not been vaccine yet. They will also recommend different fleas, ticks or worming pills to take. Some are separate others are “All-in-One” bundles.

A Bed or Kennel and a blanket

When your puppy or dog comes home, they need a place to sleep. Will they have their dog kennel or a soft sofa bed or some blankets. Make sure you prepare beforehand, dogs have an imprinting memory, they enjoy routine. The earlier you establish, “this is your bed, and this is mine” less trouble you will encounter. Did you know, dogs are like little kids, they love blankets or a blankey. Fayie would advise having one just in case your dog loves it too, heck they are super cheap too.

Crate and Gates

Have your puppy be potty trained? Usually not if you are bringing them home at 7-12 weeks. It’s best to be prepared because as they are that young, accidents will constantly happen. You will need to be very patient. You may also needs gates to ward them off certain locations in the house or backyard so they don’t wander too far as well.


You do not need to spoil your dogs with hundreds of toys, but a few will not hurt. Remember to always avoid ones with easily loose parts. As puppies goes through teething periods, they may just destroy and swallowed loose bits. Also, avoid super cheap toys as they also pose potential hazards such as but not limited to plastic poisoning and choking.


A lead is absolutely necessary, regardless of their breed, each dog needs their exercise, some more than others.


Food comes in all type grades and brands. It would be best to do some research on the ones that will benefit your dog the most. You can read some of the top brands Fayie recommends such as Ziwi Peak or Wellness Natural Dog Food. Another option will be understanding which brands to avoid via the Last 20 years of Pet Product Recall List. As everyone’s budget is different, it would be good to understand the best product within your personal budget.

You may want to learn the difference between Freeze Dried, Air Dried, & Dehydrated Pet Foods or understanding how you can make grain free homemade dog food instead.

Most importantly, it would be well-advised to understand Foods that are not safe for dogs to consume and what fruits dogs can eat.

Poop Bags

Do not be the person in the neighborhood who does not pick up their dog’s droppings. It’s just pure nasty and it also reflects the type of person you are. Make sure you are stocked up on poop bags. As for the Planet lovers out there, they are Earth Rated dog poop bags as an option a swell.


As the following not 100% essential, but it shouldn’t stop you from purchasing either

Pet Insurance

Do all your due diligence and research on several pet insurance films. Compare prices, premiums and offers they deliver after you research their brand, stability and credibility. It all comes down to, understanding your budget and the potential outgoing cost of your new puppy/dog.

Puppy/Dog School

Depending on your experience levels with dogs, you may need to enroll into puppy or dog school. The main tip Fayie will give you is, it’s never just about your dog, these schools are just as important to you as it is to your dog.


That may sound super weird, but did you know, pumpkins are one of the best remedies when your puppy or dogs with an upset stomach? Mashed canned unsalted pumpkin into a puree mixed with some rice would usually do all the treats to solve upset stomachs.


Just to top everything off, we have a poster for you below to print out and tick off as you gather your essential needs.

Puppy and Dog Checklist
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