Freeze Dried, Air Dried, & Dehydrated Pet Foods

Freeze Dried, Air Dried or Dehydrated Pet Foods

Food, Diet & Nutrition is key to every animal’s health, humans included.

This means man’s best friend; the dog needs to have a very well balanced diet aswell.

Pet Owners will start to question brands and understand which ones offers high quality nutrition and which one isn’t right for their pets.

They are 3 main types of dry pet foods.

  • Freeze Dried
  • Air Dried
  • Dehydrated

Freeze Dried

One Major Brand that uses Freeze Dried Method is Orijen.

The main difference is how they are stored and processed. Freeze drying dog food achieved by removing the water from the food; dehydrating; essentially freezing the food.

This is done by lowering the temperature until the food turns completely solid, (no more liquid) before drying the food. This method is known to preserve more of it’s nutritional value then the dehydrating methods due to proteins, vitamins, and minerals as known to stay despite being in sub-zero temperature.


One Major Brand that uses AirDried Food is Ziwi.

The main difference is how they are stored and processed. Air Dried raw dog food is made by air-drying slowly while evaporating the moisture from the raw ingredients. This allows the food to still keep it’s nutrients while eliminating any harmful pathogens thus offering an extremely nutrient-dense dog food.


One Major Brand that uses AirDried Food is Wellness.

By using warm air to slowly remove moisture from raw ingredients, the method dehydration was created. This method does not use any artificial preservatives thus keeping all nutritional value intact despite being inferior to the Freeze Dried method.

So Which is better?

Each type has it’s own strengths and weakness. Not only that, your own dog has it’s own diet and what they can and cannot digest. So ultimately, you know your pet best, as long it’s a reputable brand, that is providing it’s the nutrients needed for your pet, it does not matter which method of processing you choose. We have a guide for foods you can feed your dog; Check it out for a Dog Brand 2020 Review.

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