10 Reasons Why Dogs Are Better Than Cats

10 Reasons Why are Dogs Better Than Cats

Dogs Adapt Better to Change

Cats are so independent and their life is more or so routine-like, they have their own special diet, which is great for them but if you are trying to not eat that way you will definitely get some strange looks. Dogs are very adaptable and are willing to adjust themselves to whatever you need. If they were as independent as cats it would be hard to load them up into a car and take them somewhere.

Dogs are naturally friendly

Dogs are better because they are not fickle . They come when you call them, and they don’t just go on a walk to smell all the roses, or to chase the neighbourhood cat. Cats are fickle and seem to want to stay inside, but if they want out they will pout until you let them out. They also pout and act contrite once inside, but as soon as your back is turned they dart out the door. Dogs will be there for you whenever you need them.

Dogs Promote an Active Lifestyle

Dogs encourage you to get out and walk, run, jog, or bike. Dogs are so much fun that you don’t realize how far you have gone. Dogs will fetch a big stick or ball, then run back and drop it at your feet while acting silly and wagging their tails all the way. They will then proceed to look at you with a smile on their face as if to say, “Hey thanks for the game! Why don’t we do it again?” Cats on the other hand are more likely to play with themselves. They will bat around a piece of string back and forth until they get exhausted or bored. Then they will stalk away as if nothing happened, leaving you behind wondering how much fun they really had.

Chill to Have Around

They don’t look at you like you’re crazy when you go to have a conversation with them as if they understood every word of it. It’s fair to say, dogs don’t judge you completely, even if they do understand, they don’t care, but cat’s clearly show it. Sometimes that’s a good thing and sometimes it’s not. Dog owners have told me they would much rather live with a dog than a cat because the dog will just go about his everyday life without ever making comments about your daily habits or behaviour. I can’t say the same for cats, but man do cats like to give off vibes though!

Dogs Come in More Shapes and Sizes

There are different breeds of cats, but many of them don’t vary much in shape and size. Some cats have long hair while others have short hair, but many breeds look very similar to one another. You don’t see people go crazy over their favourited cat breeds as much as dogs, do you? While dogs on the other hand, there hundreds of breeds with a total of 175 AKC Recognized Breeds. Whether you want a toy dog all the way to your giants, they come in all sizes, however, if you want a large household cat, there is only a handful of breeds to think from. I am not talking about big cats either.

Men’s Best Friend

Dogs like you (sort of). The dog is an animal that is very easy to pick up on. Every time they look at you, they are trying to communicate something to you. It may be happy, sad, or excited. They will also try and tell you that they are hungry and ready for a walk. It’s cute, but it can be annoying as well. If a cat looks at you, he is well aware that this is not a good thing. He is signalling you that the two of you should not associate with each other in any way.

Easier to Train

They are easier to train than cats. It’s a no-brainer but dogs will do what their owner tells them to do once they are properly train.

You’ll need a few things before you can start training your dog. Rewards, kindness, patience and consistency are all advised. Train your dog by showing it what to do then letting it try for itself with gentle encouragement.

While on the other side, training your cat may take some work, It can be frustrating at times, but cat training is possible. There are several ways to train your pet. The most common means of preventing unwanted behaviour in cats revolves around making them uncomfortable when they do something you don’t want them doing. However, once you finally trained your cat, you’ll enjoy knowing that your cat will come when he’s called, won’t pester you while you’re on the phone or using the computer, and will stay off counters where he knows he’s not allowed.


They will protect you from intruders. This isn’t always a good thing. It’s funny, but I’ve heard the stories about dogs biting and injuring people. I’ve heard of cats doing it too, but hey… at least they didn’t actually bite you. Dogs have been known to break dishes and furniture while protecting their home as well. However, if you are fearful of intruders breaking into your home or apartment, then it’s always good to have a dog that will bark at the top of their lungs and chase away someone or something that is unwanted in the house.

Potentially less destruction

Have you tried stopping your cat from clawing up all your furniture? If you have, then you know how much of a pain it is. Have you ever tried getting them to stop scratching the carpet? Wow. That’s tough! On the other hand, if they are properly trained to only scratch on a scratching post or cat tree, then there shouldn’t be much of an issue. Dogs can destroy couches, pillows, and rugs like they are nothing. They make a mess out of anything they lay their paws on. This is why you need a dog trained to use your furniture as an article of furniture instead of an object for destruction. That being said, the dog will never make your couch into a chew toy that he can destroy.

Bragging rights

Have you ever taken your cat out for a walk to show off to your neighbours? Most likely not right. It’s true, humans are usually more interested in dogs are as opposed to cats. You will often hear people bragging about owning a dog and their favourite dog breed. I know it’s really shocking to all the cat owners out there, but it’s true. I am a cat lover too. However, you will hear the owner of the dog making comments about how loyal, loving, and powerful their dog is. Even though most are exaggerated comments, you don’t often see people do that about their dogs.

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