Why Do Dog Pant?

Dogs pant because of their physiological need to be cool. All animals, have the same four purposes for panting; to release heat from the lungs and body…

Causes of Fear in Dogs

Fear in dogs is a natural response to a perceived or real threat. Dogs tend to avoid things that scare them and often will protect themselves from danger.

Understanding Salmonella Bacteria

Diarrhoea in dogs is a common problem that always passes within days to weeks, causes of diarrhoea can include dietary changes, food poison or infections

Are Grapes Safe for Dogs?

Grapes are not safe for dogs at all. Grapes contains unknown toxins that are known to cause kidney failures, please do not feed your dog cherries.

Understanding Tick Paralysis in Pets

The paralysis tick or scientifically known as Ixodes Holocyclusis is the one of the most dangerous ticks in Australia that poses a real threat to your pets.

Understanding Dog Anxiety

Dog anxiety is a serious disorder and it can be treated with dog anxiety pills, behaviour modification techniques and/or professional training.

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