Dog Car Safety Tips - Dog in Car Feature

Dog Car Safety Tips

Are you looking for signs your dog is stressed? It can be as common as constant growling, whining & barking or even just biting…

Why Do Dogs Wag Their Tail?

Remember a dog’s tail serves as a signalling tool for dog body language, they have a built-in instinct to wag their tails when they are feeling happy or…

Why Do Dog Pant?

Dogs pant because of their physiological need to be cool. All animals, have the same four purposes for panting; to release heat from the lungs and body…

Causes of Fear in Dogs

Fear in dogs is a natural response to a perceived or real threat. Dogs tend to avoid things that scare them and often will protect themselves from danger.

Why Do Dogs Tilt Their Heads?

Tilting their heads is not a sign that your dog does not like you but rather dogs understanding learn how to deal with the situation instead.


What Is An Ethical Dog Breeder?

An ethical breeder is someone whose number one goal is to better the breed. Is it necessary to purchase from ethical breeders when purchasing your dog?

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