Dog Food Review December 2020

Dog Food Review December 2020

Just like majority of the pet owners out there, food is always the question.

Similar to Humans, we need healthy food to grow up otherwise, we will be plagued with health issues throughout life. Dogs are no different.

You may all heard about the Hill’s Pet Nutrition situation where the food allegedly contained way to much Vitamin D causing dog serve illness and even death for some. You are able to read the article located there at CBS News

What I struggle to tell my readers are, there is no #1 Best food as you should be offering your dog or puppy a varied diet.

Here are Dog Food I would recommend and proven safe to use.

ZIWI Peak Canned Wet Dog Food

  • New Zealand Beef as the #1 ingredient
  • Natural grown cattle, no hormones used
  • No Potato, legumes, grains or other filler ingredient
  • Protein rich and nutrient balance diet

Ziwi was our main choice is due to the techniques they used to preserve the meat in their formulas.

They use low heat air dry technique to maintain micronutrients and vitamins in whole foods.

Although this method is not as efficient as others, it however produces superior nutrition making it the most healthy choice for your dog.

Further, Ziwi avoids fillers found in commercial food, this means, it does not contain grains, legumes or processed meat, potatoes by products nor artificial preservatives.

However, the only downside for Ziwi is the price point, it is more on the pricy side compared to other brands but in terms of quality, its worth every cent spent.

Wellness Natural Pet Food Complete Health Natural Dry Dog Food

  • 5 Main ingredients
    • Chicken, Chicken Meal, Brown Rice, Barley & Peas
  • 27% protein, 13% fat and 52% estimated carbs
    • creating a fat-to-protein ratio of about 50%
  • Tint of Fish (Salmon) in their food
  • Grain-inclusive Dry Food with a significant amount of meat

K9 Natural

  • Multi-Meat to choose fromBeef, Chicken, Hoki, Lamb, King Salmon
  • Freeze Dried range come in the form of dried “raw” pelletsAdd warm water to to re-hydrate before feeding
  • Eggs are included as an additional source of protein and are easily digestible
  • Highly beneficial vegetables, including cabbage, Green Lipped Mussel

Open Farm Grain-Free Dry Dog Food

  • Multi-Meat to choose fromBeef, Chicken, Whitefish, Salmon, Pork & Root Vegetables
  • 100% traceable ingredients sourced from family farmsantibiotic and growth hormone free meats, and non-GMO fruits and veggies
  • High protein percentage (30%) and a decent amount of fat (14%)
  • Coconut oil and salmon oil which are far more beneficial than cheaper alternatives

Taste of the Wild

  • Primitive canine DietHigh protein (32%) and fat (18%) content and lower carbs
  • High Prairie formula
  • Three meat ingredients, a combo of bison, lamb meal, and chicken meal
  • Beef, venison, eggs, and fish meal as fillers
  • Preserved naturally rather than with chemicals
  • Complete Ingredients ListBison (12%), Lamb meal, Chicken Meal, Sweet potatoes, Peas, Potatoes, Chicken Fat, Egg product, Beef, Roasted Venison (4%), Tomato pomace, Potato Protein, Pea Protein, Ocean Fish Meal, Minerals, dried Chicory root, Tomatoes, Blueberry, Raspberries, yucca schidigera extract.

High Risk Dog Ingredients

Just like how we read labels when we buy our food, dogs food are no different. Make sure you understand foods dog can’t eat.

Find below are 8 of the most controversial ingredients that are found in many popular dog food that could potentially lead to health issues.

IngredientTypeLinked To
EthoxyquinPreservativeLiver pigmentation
MenadioneSynthetic vitaminHemolytic anemia
Artificial dyesColorantCancer
Propylene glycolMoisturizerHeinz body anemia
Generic “meat”Unknown sourceFood allergies

All in all, when picking from any of the healthy safe dog food choices, it is more of a personal choice and a $$ choice. Having a pet or dog is part of the family and if you cannot afford to feed one correctly, the dog may be better off in another home. As harsh as that sounds, dogs are emotional being too. #NoAnimalCruelty.

Remember, Read Labels, know what your dog can and cannot take and just just as you want to be healthy, make sure your dog eats healthy too!

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