Tips to Get Your Dog to Eat Dry Food

Tips to Get Your Dog to Eat Dry Food

I wouldn’t regard myself as a fussy eater, but my dog on the other hand, is as fussy as one gets. Not only is she a fussy eater, she has a super sensitive stomach. I have to be super careful on what I feed it & I have to make sure she adapts. Read my blog here on helping your dog’s adapt to their new dog food.

At first I personally thought it was cute, I would buy her food and she would refuse to eat it; I bought more. But, after awhile I did get a little concerned and called the vet. As you all should do, don’t wait things out, contact a vet to get the professional help. Anyways, the vet advised me, as had the breeder, and several books, YOU CAN”T just feed dogs wet food; they need hard dog food for their teeth. Not wanting to buy canine dentures, I went to the pet store and they gave me some ideas, and I came up with some of my own

  • Try a new dog food as a snack. It could just be that the dog does not like the brand or ingredients; it never hurts to start simple.
  • Pour water on the dog food- This one came as a surprise and actually worked for about one week. Something in the aroma draws the dog to the food, but the taste drove my dog away again.
  • Mix wet and dry- I tried this after wetting didn’t work and this also worked, but my dog is smarter than she looks. She ate around the dry food or ended up spitting out the dry on my cream carpet and then going back for it later. Gross; and cream to brown carpet, not do good.
  • Only put the food out when you are eating and then put it away again. This works the best; having only a limited time to eat and knowing it forces the dog to eat on your schedule and your way.

This can be difficult to enforce, but is worth the extra effort.

Don’t bother looking for alternatives. Dog’s are one of the most picky eaters around, they will stick to what they like and that’s it. Don’t go ahead and force your dog, remember communication between you & your dog makes the relationship.

If your dog is a fussy eater, try these tips.

It may or may not work, if it does not, remember get some advise from your local vet, you never know, they might just be something is wrong and a disaster waiting to be uncovered if left in the dark for too long. If you get the okay from your vet, go back to step one and try again, some dogs are more stubborn than others and need a little patience, trust me, it will be worth it in the long run.

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