Dog Eating Eggs

Dog & Eggs, Is it Safe?

There has been a great debate over can dogs really eat eggs, Let’s understand the pro and cons, benefits and risk before you add eggs to your shopping list

What Fruits Can Dogs Eat

Which Fruits Can My Dog Eat?

One thing in common is, fruits provides dogs with a wide range of health benefits, however, which fruit is actually safe for your dog to consume?

Fayie Fav Dog Breeds

Fayie’s Favorite Dog Breed

How well do you know dog breeds? Fayie’s favorite dog breeds goes from Golden Retrievers to German Shepherds to Bernie mountain Dog

Fayie Fav Pet Breed

Fayie’s Favorite Cat Breed

I always been a big cat fan, whether they are cute kittens or mature grown cats. All shape and size, here is my top 10 favorite Cat Breeds

Food Dogs Cannot Eat

Foods Not Safe For Dogs

Here are 13 food types that all dog owners needs to be aware of and are absolutely not safe for your dog to consume or eat.

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