Search is over, Puppy Adopted!!!

So, it’s finally over, months of searching is over.

I have adopted a beautiful girl 1st gen Shepsky (German Shepherd & Siberian Husky)

We named her Ellie, and she is super adorable, picked her up yesterday and brought her home. She is super super shy and needs attention 24/7, which is ok completely understand, she was just separated from her parents, brothers and sister.

Luckily, she is getting somewhat along with our other dog (2years old).

We keep them apart when unsupervised and night for safety precautions still, so Ellie has been sleeping with me

Super sweet dog and I can’t wait for her to grow up.

Looks like she got the best of her parents

So far, Ellie’s loves the following

  • Belly, Cheek & Chin Rubs
  • Her puppy treats!
  • Hiding & running between your legs like a cat
  • Squeezing in-between tight spaces
  • Does NOT like boxes
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