My Dog Minnie Just Delivered 5 Healthy Puppies

My Dog Minnie Just Delivered 5 Healthy Puppies


Some of you may know, my little Minnie is pregnant, in fact, was pregnant. She gave birth to 5 healthy babies on the 5/30/201.

Minnie was the Mother and the father was an pure-bred Poodle named Riceball. Unlike most mother dogs, who are super overprotective of their litter, Minnie is a bit more relaxed but still very selective of who able to go near them.

As some of the more experienced owners would know, welcoming new puppies into your life it’s going to be a huge responsibility. You want everything to go smoothly on the first day. Make sure to read the puppy checklist that will take you through all of the essentials for puppy’s arrival.

For me, I got everything ready and it’s gonna be a rough few months balancing 5 new puppies with work and everything else in between.You got your own personal stories to share to the world?

No problem, Fayie got you covered, check out how to submit your personal stories.

So my question for everyone is, do you think the puppies will grow up to be more like the mother or the father in terms of appearance?

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