Say Hello to Minnie – Maltese x Chihuahua


You may have seen Minnie in my other pictures, but I have never officially introduced you to her yet

She is a sweet hyper overly-friendly Maltese x Chihuahua.

We adopted her 2 years ago and she is one of the main reasons why I constantly read on pet food and their effects on dogs.

Minnie since a puppy always had a very sensitive stomach, thus limiting much of the things she ate.

Her favorite food is cooked chicken, preferred lightly air-fried

When I say she is overly-friendly, I seriously mean she is too friendly for a dog.

Whether its strangers in the house to complete strangers at the park, she will flip belly up and beg for rubs.

Although, it’s not always a terrible thing, she loves to bark, at the most random and slight movements around the house, and her bark are very high-pitch and sharp.

In the past, Minnie has been attacked by a much large breed dog before. I did not know the breed of the dog, this did scar her quite a bit when around much larger than her. But her favorite playmates are still huskies.

We have a few husky owners around the area and they get right along with Minnie despite being 4x her size. She is such adorable dog and pretty well trained, never-the-less super welcomed in my family.

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